Membership in the Maine State Federation of Firefighters is open and available to all firefighters in the State of Maine. It is also open to ambulance and rescue personnel who come under the direction of a Fire Chief and to the many who work for private ambulance companies. Dues to the Federation sponsor and promote:

Death Benefits:
The Federation’s death benefit program pays $500.00 upon the death of any active member of the Federation. The member's family can use the benefit for any purpose. The benefit is payable immediately on the member's death.  Over the years many family members have thanked us for being there for them so quickly during difficult times.
The Federation also has on accidental death and dismemberment program with American Income Life Insurance Company. That program pays a $4,000.00 benefit to the family of any member killed accidentally.

Legislative Representation:
The Federation employs a lobbyist to monitor and support legislation important to the fire service in Maine"  Over the years the Federation’s legislative efforts have helped pass laws that increased funding for training, education and equipment for volunteer firefighters and improved Workers Compensation benefits for all fire fighters. The Federation also supported legislation that led to the creation of the firefighter license plates and the establishment of "Firefighters' Memorial Day" on the first Saturday in October. The Federation played on important role in passing a ban on the so called novelty lighters, to protect Maine’s children and their families from these smiling, friendly looking dangers. 

Fire Protection Services Commission:
The Legislature created the Commission and gave it the responsibility to study fire prevention issues forcing Maine’s Communities and to recommend legislation to deal with those issues. The Federation has four seats on the Commission. 

The Federation sponsors scholarship programs that allow deserving individuals to attend fire science programs in the Community College System or to attend programs of the State Fire Academies.

Every September the Federation sponsors its annual convention. The convention gives firefighters and their families an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and friendships and to make new ones. It is not just a social event. The convention is the largest annual gathering of firefighters in the State of Maine. It therefore gives members of the fire community one of their best opportunities to exchange ideas and foster relationships beneficial to the entire Fire Service in Maine.

Firefighters Memorial:
The Federation built and also maintains the Firefighter Memorial in Capitol Park in Augusta. The Firefighters Memorial commemorates and recognizes the contributions of those who answer the call. Its placement on the Capitol Grounds serves as a vivid reminder of the service to those who represent us in the Legislature. The Federation also proudly sponsors and leads o Firefighters' Memorial Service every year of its annual convention in September.

The Federation publishes a yearbook every year. The yearbook allows members of the Maine Fire Community to share stories and ideas and to recognize the accomplishments of individual firefighters or entire fire departments.

Pine Tree Burn Foundation:
The Federation has for many years supported the work of the Pine Tree Burn Foundation in its efforts to prevent fires and burns through education and public safety awareness programs. With the support of the Federation and other organizations, the Foundation has provided the "Learn Not to Burn" curriculum to thousands of Maine’s schoolchildren.  Many local communities and fire deportments have benefited from grants from the Foundation.

The website for Pine Tree Burn Foundation is

National Volunteer Fire Council:
The Maine State Federation of Firefighters is a member of the National Volunteer Fire Council.  Membership in the NVFC gives Maine firefighters a chance to interact with and share ideas with firefighters from all ports of the country. Because of the NVFC's legislative efforts, Maine’s volunteer firefighters have a voice in Washington D.C. The website for National Volunteer Fire Council is and the phone number for NVFC is 1-888-ASK-NVFC or 1-888- 275-6832

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